General information

Descriptions, adivices, suggestions and vegetative cycles, that are showed here, are orientedtowards expert professionals and they are submitted in good faith, as merely indicative and they are not therefore to be considered in no case complete and they do not involve any guarantee of accepting and least of all they will damage factors or specific situation (present or future) and, more generically, they do not shoot for rapresenting a contractual relationship of any kind.

First of all the user must confirm adequacy of the local geographical conditions, sowing period, soil properties, available means (such as skill and technical experiences and crop operation), materials (such as test and control methods) and of the facilities and more generically of his agronomic context, climatic, health, environmental and economical compared to the crop, technique and variety showed here (see also our general sale conditions).

All the varieties illustrated in this publication were photographed in favorable conditions and they do not guarantee same result in different conditions.

Any reproduction, partial or complete, of the used procedure, must be considered formally forbidden except for prior specific authorization.



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